About Novia


Novia is a licensed clinical social worker, transformational speaker and founder of Inspire. Encourage. Equip. Childhood bullying, her persistent battle with fear and negative thinking, catastrophic accidents, and unexpectedly losing her husband-to-be caused Novia to be insecure, stagnant, and feel broken for years.  But, she recovered and has been transformed. Her life experiences coupled with her passion and clinical expertise fuels her ability to present women with pathways to receive change, inner healing and success.

Novia has a master’s degree in social work. Her clinical experience includes work as an individual, couples, and family therapist and a licensed clinician in various settings. Novia’s books, Just You and I: Devotions from the Heart and Woman: This is for You have been sources of inspiration, empowerment and healing for women throughout the world. 

Novia presently lives in Miami, Florida.

Now that you’ve read the official bio, here are a few other things about me…

  • I enjoy fishing (I caught ten snappers & grunts on my second fishing trip)

  • I lived in South Korea where I worked as a missionary teacher

  • I love traveling (Italy, Paris, Switzerland, and South Africa are just a few of the countries I plan to visit)

  • I don’t like being tickled….(the end result isn’t fun)

  • I love to sing though I’m not great at it

  • I’m passionate about doing what God created me to do