her delivery sets her apart from others
- WeAre1 Conference, Durham, NC

- WeAre1 Conference, Durham, NC

what to expect

bridges the gap between barriers and breakthroughs 

transparent, sincere, and relatable

shares stories that inspires reflection, hope and transformation

incorporates clinical expertise

 offers tailored messages

On behalf of Infinity Diamond Club and the We Are 1 Conference committee, I would like to THANK you for an excellent job well done. This conference was by far one of the best we have had and I attribute its success to your willingness to come and share your gifts and talents. Your workshop was great and participants enjoyed your presentation immensely. "Never Settle for Less" really awakened individuals to evaluate where they are in their lives. The information presented helped to show them how they may have or are currently settling in different areas of their lives. Thank you!!!”

Your Behind the Mask workshop was uplifting and therapeutic

“I have had the pleasure of inviting an incredible motivational speaker to present at our program an even more an amazing, caring person. Novia Reid was excellent presenting on singleness, self-value and dating. The information she provided was thought provoking. The feedback from the attendees has been excellent, highlighting her organizational skills, knowledge of the topic presented, her ability to engage a wide range age group. Her ability to customize her presentation for everyone in the audience was amazing. She had a clear goal and all objective was truly received. Her delivery has set her apart above others. I would recommend Novia to anyone who needs a Christian, motivational speaker.” -Christine Morgan, Family Life Leader

“Novia has a unique way of inviting you into the heart of her story. Her words have inspired many to stay focused on their Christian walk. She skillfully ties in concepts such as dating, sexual purity, and Christian living, while offering a message of faith, hope, and love. She is able to touch on issues that are current and culturally relevant to help us to grow spiritually. Novia is great at relating to her audience whether young or old. It is great to see a young woman who is not only a powerful speaker, but one who has been used by God to help others in a mighty way.” -Jessica Garcon, Young Adult Director





FEATURED speaking topics

How to See Your Flaws as Assets

Invest in the Power of Self-forgiveness

Comparison Kills: How to Value Your Own Vision, Worth, and Path

Settling for Less Than Your Best Robs You

What Hides Behind Your Mask?

Loving Yourself Unconditionally: The Purpose, Struggles, and Pathway

Re-position Fear in Your Life

“Your "Behind the Mask" workshop was uplifting and therapeutic. It was so nice to see the girls actively participate. It was also refreshing to hear the girls open up about their insecurities in front of each other, and then feel empowered once you reaffirmed how special and unique they were. My personal highlights included hearing the girls’ letter to their future selves. Thank you for also gifting the girls with their own personal journal! I know that something powerful was sparked yesterday and I am so grateful for your kindness and generosity. We would love to have you back to speak with the rest of our girls.” -E. Arugu, Girl Power Rocks

“Novia's presentation at the Women's Retreat in Miramar Beach, FL, was amazing.  Her knowledge on the topic was obvious and from the attendance we realized it was much needed. Her scope and depth of the subject matter made a connection with the audience. I look forward to having her present sometime in the near future. I would highly recommend her to my colleagues.” -Sonia Paul, Women’s Ministries Director, South Central Conference