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Through keynotes, workshops, seminars, and sermons, Novia inspires, encourages, and equips women to live their calling and worth, gain inner healing, and love themselves unconditionally. Her transparency, sincerity, and passion as a speaker resonate with attendees who have called her gifted and their missing piece. Novia is available to speak at retreats, conferences, conventions, summits, commencement ceremonies and worship services.

Novia has a unique way of inviting you into the heart of her story.
— Jessica Garcon

unleash your self love

Self love Unleashed is a live video coaching program with Novia to help women live their worth, gain their missing inner peace & make self-care non-negotiable.


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In Woman this is for You, I tell stories about my greatest loss, disappointments, struggles and past hurts. But, I tell stories of my successes, victories and lessons learned, too, in hope of inspiring, encouraging and liberating women, strengthening their faith, and evoking changes in their lives. This is a transparent, powerful, and inspirational book for women of all ages and walks of life.

The thirst and hunger for God's love is revealed in Woman: This is for you. Novia Reid boldly unveils herself and invites readers to view her aches, struggles and deepest loss. She even reflects on some elements of inner peace, strength and wisdom in the midst of her suffering, stating " when you can't find a reason to God's actions, hold onto his promises and to His love for you. " As you read and turn page after page in Woman: This is for you, you will begin a journey of self-discovery of your own trials and tribulations. I hope Woman: This Is For You blesses you like it has blessed me. Happy Reading! -T. Whiley